WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

All the pages you add to your sitemap are automatically included in the navigation menu.

Still, you may need to create a page for additional information about a certain topic which doesn't necessarily have to be present among the other menu items, but simply accessible with a link from another website page.

For instance, you may want to have a Page A available on the menu which reports a generic product description, and a Page B, which the visitor will be able to access thanks to a linked placed on the Page A, reporting more in-depth details.    

How to get this result?

  • On Step 3 - Sitemap Creation, add both Page A and Page B.
  • Select Page B and click on the Hidden button: the page won't be visible on the navigation menu now.
  • Now you added them on the Map, you will need to add contents for both Page A and Page B. 
  • Add a link on Page A to Page B (see: How to create a text link to another page of the website)

If you select a Level and set it as Hidden, you will hide all the connected Sub-pages.

Remember you have to create at least one link to the hidden Pages, otherwise your visitors won't be able to access them.