WebSite X5 Evo and Pro since version 13

There are always more and more websites, one-page and "traditional" ones alike, having wide horizontal band on their pages.  Such bands, which often exceed the width of the contents and are as wide as the browser window, enrich the page and attract the visitors' attention: use them on your website to highlight the most important contents. 

To create a horizontal band you need to work on the Row formats, which is very easy:

  • On Step 4- Page Creation, add your contents and then click on the button to open the Row Formats window.
  • Stay in the General section and select the wished Row(s).
  • Set the wished Background:
    • a color,
    • a gradient, 
    • an image,
    • an image list, a video
    • a map
  •  Use the available options, which may vary according to the background you set, to define the required graphic format.
  • Regardless the background you set, you can apply an Overlay effect to the whole row, i. e. a colored filter. To do this, you need to select the Overlay button and set the colors, the opacity, and possibly a color transition.
  • If you want your band to be as wide as the browser window is, choose the option  Extend to the width of the browser window (see: How to create a band which is as wide as the browser window).
  • Finally, you can activate a parallax effect on the row by using the Parallax button and choose among the possible parallax options reported in the following window (see: How to set the parallax effect?).

When you are working in the Row Formats window, you should remember that:

  • the Rows which have not been given a format have a white background and an empty dot next to them,
  • the Rows which have a specified format have a blue background and a full dot,

Once you set a row style, you can easily cut, copy and paste it for a new row of the same on another page. To do this, you need to:

  • use the Cut, Copy and Paste buttons available in the toolbar
  • use the Cut, Copy and Paste buttons available in the context menu which you can open by right-clicking on the row.