WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Thanks to PayPal Commerce Platform, you can accept payments via credit or debit card, PayPal as well as other payment gateways on your online sore and using a single account. 

Moreover, by activating Apple Pay and/or Google Pay you can also accept mobile contactless payments: in this way, customers won't have to rely on physical cards. 

As we mentioned, integrating PayPal Commerce Platform and enabling Apple Pay or Google Pay is pretty simple. We have explained all about it in the guide:  How to activate and use the PayPal Commerce Platform payment method

To use Apple Pay, still, you will need to activate the service on your PayPal account: 

  • Enter your PayPal account, click on your profile so to open the menu and click on Account Settings.
  • In the lateral Products and Services menu, click on Payment Methods.
  • In the window you access, you can find the list of payment methods, including Apple Pay: click on Manage Apple Pay
  • Follow the 3-step procedure.
  • Start by adding your website: type your complete domain name (for instance: in the field available on Step 1.
  • Now get the domain association file that will prove that you are the actual owner of the website in question: click on the link reported on step 2 to start the download. 
#Warning! - Make sure that the name of the downloaded file is: apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association. Possibly rename the file if necessary.
  • Now publish the association file you got on your website server. Without closing the procedure on PayPal, connect to your server, access the main root and create the .well-known folder: publish the file there.  
#Warning!  - The address Apple will look for the file on will be
It's reported on the 3rd step of the procedure.
  • After having published the domain association file on your server, go back to your PayPal account and, on the window for the registration of your website with Apple Pay, click on the final Register Domain button.