WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

WebSite X5 automatically sets up an online Control Panel which you as website administrator can use to manage different aspects, such as the comments your Blog readers leave for your posts.

If you have activated the option of leaving comments for your Blog and if you have set the WebSite X5 internal comment management system, you can use the online Control Panel in this way:

  • Access the Control Panel you find at, where is the URL for the website your Blog is connected to.
  • Log in: use the credentials you find for the Admin in the Access Management section on Step 1- Website Settings.
  • Open the Blog section.
  • Use the menu reporting the list of categories and related posts to find the post you want to work on.
  • Once you select the post, you will see the comments your received: for each comment, you will see the author's name and e-mail, the date and time it was published, and the text of the post. A link to the author's website is added automatically to the name, if this information is available. 
  • You can use the following commands for each post:
    • Delete: to remove the comment by deleting it not only from the Blog page, but also from the list of comments on the Control Panel.
    • Approve/Reject: if you approve the comment it will be displayed on the Blog; on the other hand, if you reject it, it won't be displayed among the other Blog comments, but it will still be available on the list on the Control Panel.

If you have activated the Show Comments after Admin approval option, you will first need to Approve every comment you get on the Control Panel, before it is available at the bottom of the post it is referred to. In this case, you should enable the option to send the notification e-mail, so not to postpone too much the approval of a new comment.

#Tip - Comments and Ratings. The management system for the Blog comments and the one for the messages left using the Comments and Ratings Object are the same. In this case you need to access the Comments and Ratings section on the Control Panel.