WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

A fundamental aspect of organizing a Project is creating a backup copy of it.

Creating a backup copy of a project means creating a safety copy, to keep on your computer or on another storage device, as a safeguard against loss of the original.

If you have a backup copy of your Project, you can safeguard yourself against:

  • Disaster recovery - recovering a project after fatal errors caused by events such as problems with your computer or the involuntary deletion of data.
  • Version recovery - creating copies that correspond to different versions of your project, so that you can, for example, cancel changes made in a work session and restore a backup copy of the version as it was before you made the changes.

For Backup copies to be really useful, you need to be methodical and systematic in creating them.

WebSite X5 makes it very straightforward to create and manage backup copies of your Projects, by providing the commands necessary for automatically generating backup copies and for restoring previous copies. As an alternative, it is also possible to manually create a backup copy and work on the list of previous backups (see: How to create an automatic or manual backup copy).

If the program detects a certain number of content types (Objects in the Pages, Products in the shopping cart and/or posts in the Blog) when the Project is opened, it will display a window to remind you to make a backup copy and save the .IWZIP file, preferably on an external support. In this same window, you can indicate whether, and how often, this reminder is to be shown.