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The first thing to do when creating an e-commerce shopping cart is to create the Product Catalog. All the products for sale on your website are included in the catalog, and each has a complete and accurate description. If there are a lot of products, they are displayed in well-organized categories and sub-categories.

With this guide, you will learn:

How to organize your store into different categories

Categories are useful for you to better organize your store, so that your customers can easily find what they are looking for.

  • On Step 1- Website Settings click on the Shopping Cart button: in the Product List section you will find all the necessary options.
  • To add a new category, you need to click on the New Category button, give it an appropriate name  so that you can identify it easily and use the Enter key (or click outside the field) to confirm your choice.
  • You can follow the same procedure to create a sub-folder: just remember to select the main category before clicking on the New Category button.
  • Categories are displayed in the order you have created them, but you can arrange them differently by using the specific buttons or by dragging them into the correct position.

You don't need to set up all the categories and sub-categories right away: you can in fact add and edit them at any time.

Please remember that categories simply contain products, and they do not have any particular properties. It is anyway advisable to rename them appropriately, so to avoid getting confused.

How to create a new Product

Once you've defined at least the first categories, you can move on inserting your products:

  • Select a category or a sub-category and click on New Product to open the Product Settings window.
  • In the General section, insert the product Name and a short description. You should be careful at this point, because these texts will be reported in the product cards and the product pages of your store. To complete this task more easily, you can rely on MagicText, the Artificial Intelligence-based text generation assistant. Click on the button, describe the text you want to get, and click on Create Text: MagicText will write the description for you.
  • If you want to, you can report the SKU Code: such code won't be displayed on the store, but it will be used to perform searches on both the online store and on the WebSite X5 workspace. 
  • Set the price without currency: you will be able to set it for the whole store (see: How to set the currency for the store).
  • Select the most appropriate option for the VAT (see: How to set and manage the VAT on the store).
  • If you want to associate the product to a "New Product" ribbon, you need to activate the Set this Product as 'New' option.
  • Finally, you can activate the Minimum order quantity option to report the minimum amount of units to be purchased for the order to be accepted and processed.
  • Now open the Image section, click on the Add button and select one or more images for the product. You can add both images and videos. The first one will be used for the cards or the product pages, the others will be part of a slideshow which the customer can see by opening the corresponding ShowBox.
  • You can define how and in which order the images must be displayed by using the available options. You can also select an imported image and click on the Edit button and work on it using the internal image editor. 
  • Set the maximum size for the ShowBox window and decide whether to show the thumbnails for all the images.
  • Confirm by clicking OK. You have created your product by adding all the necessary details: if you need to, you can select it and go back to the Product Settings window to update it and  make changes.
  • You can repeat the procedure to add all the products for your store.

How to delete or hide a product

Of course, can add to your catalog as many products as you want, as well as remove the ones you don't need anymore.

Actually, we need to make a distinction between two cases, according to the result you want to get:

Completely removing a product

If you want to completely remove a product from your catalog because you aren't planning on selling it on your store anymore, you need to:

  • Select the wished product
  • Click on the Remove button.

Temporarily removing a product

If you need to temporarily remove a product because, for instance, it isn't available anymore, but you know it will be back in stock, so you are going to make it available again on your store, you shouldn't remove it. Hide it instead:

  • Select the product you want to temporarily make unavailable.
  • Click on the Hidden button.

Hidden products are no longer available on the store and aren't visible on the website local preview either. 

You can make an hidden product available again by selecting it and clicking again on the Hidden button.

#tip - Import/Export products. The Product Catalog can be imported, if it already exists in .TXT or .CSV format, or exported using the  and  buttons. For more information on Importing/exporting and how to create and manage the files with the Product catalog, see How to import/export products in the shopping cart.