WebSite X5 Pro

When you add a new shipping method (see: How to define shipping methods for your store), you can specify a fixed cost or a variable cost, that depends either on the weight or the total amount of the order.

To create price ranges according to weight you need to follow these steps:

  • Use the Weight option in the Product Settings> General window to give a weight to the products in the shopping cart catalog.

#tip - The Weight option does not specify a particular measure for the weight. Decide which is the best for your products (pounds, gallons, etc.) and make sure you don't change it, to prevent errors in calculating shipping costs.

  • In the Shopping Cart > Order Management window, click on the Add or Edit button next to the Shipping type List table to open the Shipping Type window and create a new shipping method or edit an existing one.
  • In Shipping Type >  Cost, select the Cost related to Total Weight option and click on the Add button. Use the window that opens to specify the Total Weight which must be equaled or exceeded to apply the specified shipping Cost.
  • Repeat these steps to set all the price ranges you want.

#tip - Variable shipping costs according to the country - You will be able to set a different shipping cost, regardless whether it is fixed or variable, according to the customer's country (see: How to set different shipping costs according to the customer's purchase country).