WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

In WebSite X5 there are a number of ways to advertise your own products: you can, for example, use the Image Object to add banners to a page, or use the options in Step 1 -  Website Settings >Advertising Message (see: How to display a banner in a popup window ) If, on the other hand, you adhere to a specific program such as Google AdSense you have to add the provided HTML code to your page by using the HTML Code Object  (see: How to enter Google AdSense code for an advert).

A banner can be handled as a normal image and, as such, is inserted inside the template's header or in a specific website page:

  • If you want to add a banner to the header, go to Step 2 - Template Content, in the Header section and insert an Image Object in the position you want it.
  • If you want to add a banner to a web page, go to Step 3 - Map and select the page you want to work on and click on Next. On Step 4 - Pages insert an Image Object in a cell in the page layout table.
  • In both cases, double-click on the Image Object you insert and import the graphic file for the banner.
  • Click on the  button to open the Link window and add a link to the banner: for example, you can link a specific page which may be in your website or in a different one.

A banner may be static or animated, with a series of images, one after the other. An easy solution is to save the banner as an animated .GIF file and follow the above procedure to include it in the template's header or directly in a page, using the Image Object.

An alternative solution is to save the single images and use them to make a Gallery Object. In this case you are advised to select the Classic Slideshow, making sure you deselect the Show Control Bar.

Another possibility is to prepare an animation for the banner and use the HTML5 Animation Object to add it to the header or page.

#tip - With WebAnimator you can create animated banners and gifs that are perfect for your website. Try it now at