WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Some portals use alternative advertising methods, and one of these is to display a large picture directly as the background of the browser window. You can get the same result also for your website pages. The procedure to follow depends on whether you intend to define this feature for the whole Website or only for specific Pages.

To set a background image for the whole Website, you can work directly on the Template:

  • In Step 2 - Template Settings go to the Template Structure window. Remember that this feature can also be used with default Templates: in this case, you need to make a copy of the template first, to keep the original unchanged.
  • In the Page section list, select the Page Background and import the Image File for the banner you are going to use.
  • Use the available options to set alignments and margins.

On the other hand, to set a background image for a specific website Page you need to follow these steps:

  • In Step 3 - Sitemap Creation select the Page to work on and click on the Properties button to open the Page Properties window.
  • Go to the Graphic section and, in WebSite Background for this Page only, import the graphic file for the banner you are going to use.
  • Use the Link option to add a link to the banner's image.