WebSite X5 Pro

There are several ways of giving users the best possible navigation experience when visiting a Website, whatever device they are using. One way is to adopt a Responsive Web Design, a design criterion that involves creating a single website that automatically adapts itself to the various devices. Another way is to create separate versions of the same website, each one published on a different URL and optimized to be displayed on a specific device.

A configuration with separate URLs, with respect to a Responsive Web Design, allows you to build less complicated projects, because each one is designed specifically for a certain type of device, but the disadvantage is that all the updates and changes have to be repeated for all the Projects.   

If you prefer this second solution, you will need to:

  1. Create a different project for each website version, each one optimized for a specific resolution.
  2. Set up a redirection according to the device resolution.
  3. Add the necessary notes in the page code so that Google algorithms can properly interpret each page as alternative versions of the same content. This step is crucial to avoid any penalization due to duplicate contents.
  4. Upload the websites online.