WebSite X5 Pro

The 404 or Not Found error is displayed to inform the user that the desired contents are not available for the required page.

By default, the 404 Page contains a standard aseptic message which might disorient  the users. To avoid that they leave the website, you should create a customized 404 Page which plays down the inconvenience and provides useful information about how to proceed.

#tip - To better understand how to do this, we suggest you to read the following article: 5 tips to create an efficient 404 Page.

Now that you know why creating a customized 404 Page is important and what you should do to make it effective, you just need to put what you learned into practice: 

  •  Go to Step 3- Sitemap Creation, add a new page and rename it as "404 Page".
  • Select the page and click the404 Page button.
  • Select the page again and click the Hidden button: in this way, the page won't be displayed on the navigation menu.
  • Double-click the 404 Page to proceed with the page creation.

#tip - To set a customized 404 Page, WebSite X5 creates a .htaccess file with the necessary instructions. This function is available for WebServer Apache only.