WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

WebSite X5 creates the navigation menu on the basis of the website Map you create on Step 3. When you test the Website on the local Browser, you can check that the links on the items in the menu work correctly: the links on levels display a submenu, and links on pages open the corresponding page.

You can also insert items in the navigation menu that have different kinds of links, for example a link that opens an external Website.

The procedure for doing this is as follows:

  • On Step 3 - Map, add a New Level and give it a name.
  • Select this new Level and click on the Properties button to open the Level Properties window.
  • Click on the Hide the Drop Down Menu for this Level option and then click on the  button of the Link to be executed on item click option to open the Link window and choose the action to associate with the level.
  • As you want to link to another website, select File or URL and type in the URL of the website in the Internet file field.

#tip - You can use this method for all the various actions available in the Link window to create particular items in your Website's navigation Menu.