WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Links are the essence of the Web and it is crucial to create a link network not only among different websites, but also within the same website.

To create a text link between two pages of your website you need to:

  • Open the Text Object editor, select the words you want to set the link to and use the  button to open the Link window.
  • Select the Website Page action and click thebutton to have access to the sitemap and to select the page you want to link. 
  • You can decide how the linked page must be displayed by selecting, for example, the Open in the same window option. Still, you can also choose to open the page in a new window, in a Showbox window or in a popup window. For the last two options, you can also set the size the window must have.
  • Finally, if you're an expert and you want to optimize your page, you can set the most appropriate value among the reported ones thanks to the <rel> attribute option.

#tip - The <rel> tag. In the HTML code, rel is an attribute for the <a> tag, which is used to define links. The rel attribute specifies the relationship between the current document and the linked one. It is used by Search Engines to get more information about a link. All the available values for the attribute corresponds to those reported by the reference w3schools.