WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Adding a link to display a PDF file, a PowerPoint presentation or any other document on the pages of your website can be really useful sometimes. 

If you want to get this result, that's what you need to do:

  • Once you added a link using the button, open the Link window.  
  • Select the File or URL action and use the Local File or URL fields to report the file you want to link: in the former case, click on  to choose a file stored on your PC, in the latter report the URL address of the file in question.
  • Choose how the linked resource needs to be displayed: in the same or in a new Browser window, in a ShowBox or a PopUp window, and define the window size.

Contrary to the PopUp window, if you choose the ShowBox solution the linked file will be displayed in foreground on the original Page background, which will automatically become lighter/darker.

The ShowBox is a particularly good solution if you need to link some images, but you can also use it for other resources as well, such as PDF documents. You can also report a description which will be displayed in the bottom part of the window. 

#tip - If you want your visitors to download a file instead of simply visualizing it, you can use the Download Button Optional Object.