WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Textual links are a fundamental element on a web page: that's why they should be readily recognizable.

There are some easy rules you need to follow in order to set up efficient links: they are pretty easy and can bring great advantages.

Rules you should keep in mind

In order to make a link immediately recognizable within the text on a page, you need to consider some parameters:

  • Color - This is one of the main parameters which help identify a link within a text. Please consider that the color alone is not enough: color-blind people may find it difficult to spot them anyway.
  • Style - You can choose among different styles: underlined, bold or having a different font. It is important to set a recognizable style for the link which differs from the rest of the page: usually, links are underlined, and it is therefore advisable to follow this rule for your projects as well.
  • Contrast - Because they need to be easily identified, the links need to create a contrast with the rest of the text, not only as far as colors are concerned.
  • Behavior - An expected behavior is that the mouse pointer changes its aspect when passing on a link: following this rule is therefor really important. 

If you keep these parameters in mind, particularly not forgetting about the importance for the links to be underlined, you can of course play with your creativity and try some new and unique solutions for your pages. The final goal though is to make links easily recognizable and usable. 

Setting the style of the links

When you create a new textual link, you will see that a default style is automatically applied to the linked text. Such style depends on the template you chose for your website. You can keep it or customize it.

  • Go to Step 2 - Template Settings > Text, Filed and Button Style.
  • Select the Link option in the Page Item list.
  • The link can have 3 statuses: active, mouseover, visited. Select each status one by one and define the colors, the style and the pointer.

The changes you set are immediately applied to the project and the style for the links is automatically updated. 

Customization of specific links

Sometimes you may need some links you created on your website to have a different stile so to make them more visible. Imagine, for instance, to have a website where pages have a light background, while the footer background is dark. The links you report in the footer will necessarily have to be different from the ones displayed on the pages. 

In this case, the text editor offers a command that allows you to customize the style of the links added in a specific Text Object:

  • Open the wished Text Object.
  • Click on Link Style, which you can find in the Toolbar.
  • Activate the Custom Style option.
  • Set the text and background colors for the different link stages.

The command for customizing the links is available in the text editor you can find in the Text Object, Table Object and in the window where you can write the Contents for the Blog articles.