WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

With the Search Object, WebSite X5 offers you the possibility of adding a search field to the Header / Footer of the template or as part of the page contents, so that your visitors can use the built-in Search Engine to look for things in your website. The engine will search pages, images, videos, products in the e-commerce shopping cart and the blog: the results of the search are ordered by relevance and displayed in pages created automatically by the Program (see: How to set up a search filed).

To get the most out of WebSite X5's built-in search engine you need to know that:

  • Pages

The items that the search engine considers in a page are the Title, Description and Keywords (which you can set in the Page Properties > SEO window), as well as the text Contents.

  • Images / Videos

The search engine only considers Images and Videos that have been added to the SiteMap.xml, and it analyzes all the information that has been given: Title, Caption and Geographical position (e.g. Address, Town, etc) for the images; Title, Caption, Category, WebSite Keywords and Publication Date for Videos. In order to generate the Sitemap.xml, zou need to activate the relative option which you can find on Website Settings> Advanced > SEO.

  • Products in the e-commerce shopping cart

The search engine extends its search to include all the products that have been added to the e-commerce shopping cart, analyzing the Name/Code and associated Description (defined in Product Settings > General).

  • Blog

All the Pages in your Blog are included in a search. The search engine analyzes the Title, Author, Category, Tag, Caption and Content of each Post.

  • Members' Area

The Pages with login and password access (inside a Members' Area) are not considered by the search engine, unless the user has already logged in.

  • Hidden pages

Pages that are Hidden in the navigation menu are treated as normal Pages for the purpose of the search.

  • To exclude a page from the search

If you want to exclude a page from a search, select it from the Map, open the Page Properties window and, in the Expert section, deselect the Add this page to the Sitemap option.

  • Uppercase/Lowercase

The search engine is not case-sensitive: it does not differentiate between upper and lowercase letters.

The various parameters that the search engine considers have different relevance: for example, the occurrences of elements in page titles are considered very relevant. Thus, the occurrences of some parameters are automatically multiplied by a correction factor before being associated with other occurrences. 

Depending on the number of occurrences, a element's relevance is calculated and it is positioned accordingly in the Search Results page.