WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When you add a Search field using the Search Object, you can decide to focus the search on the whole website or on the E-commerce products or Blog Articles only (see: How to set up a search filed). Only if you search on the whole website, the results will be displayed on a page which is automatically created by the program.

  • The search field, which you see in the template's header or footer or as Page content.
  • A side menu, where you can choose whether to display the results for Pages, the Blog, the E-Commerce shopping cart, the Images or the Videos. Next to each item in this menu the number of results for it is given in brackets. If there are no results for a particular category, the item is not included in the Page menu.
  • The list of results of the search, ordered according to their calculated relevance.

Remember that, in pages showing the results of searches on images and videos, you can click directly on an image or video in the list to open it in the page where it has been inserted.

The built-in Search Engine is particularly useful for websites that have a rich product catalog: the Search Results pages not only give a complete description of the products, but also include the "Buy now" button so that visitors can immediately order online.

The Search Results pages are created automatically by the Program: the style of these pages is defined in Step 2 - Template Settings, in the Text Style section.