WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

The main contents of a website a part from Images, Videos and Animations are usually Texts.

Typically, the textual elements on a page are Titles, Texts and sometimes Tables:

  • Titles: you can usually spot them because they are bigger and have different colors and/or fonts than the rest of the texts. They should be managed differently also as far as the code is concerned, by using the heading tags (H1...H6). You can set them in WebSite X5 with the Title Object or by setting them directly in the Text Object.
  • Texts: they are simple text paragraphs used to report most of the textual information on the website. In WebSite X5, you can use the Text Object to add them on your pages.
  • Tables: they are a good tool to organize and display data. In order to make them effective, they must be well-structured, easy to read and have a clean aspect. In WebSite X5, you can use the Table Object to add them on your pages.

You can write the titles and texts for the pages of your website with MagicText, the Artificial Intelligence-based text generation assistant available with WebSite X5 Pro. MagicText understands natural language: just report the necessary information to describe the text you need and watch it take shape before your eyes.  Of course, you can edit the text drafts the AI generates, so they can better suit your needs. In short, with MagicText even writing becomes an easy task for everyone.

After having taken care of the contents, you have to decide how to present them.

Don't to create a wall of words when you add a text on the page: if your text is too long and uniform, it may discourage even the most motivated readers and make them leave the page.

You can follow these tips to make your texts more easily readable:

  • divide the text into paragraphs;
  • give your paragraphs logical and captivating titles;
  • highlight the most important words by using the bold type;
  • add some empty spaces to give your text enough space to "breath" by using an appropriate line-spacing and by in general by putting some distance between the paragraphs and the contents;
  • choose the right fonts and character size in order to simplify the reading.

#tip - One paragraph, one Object. You should not add too much text in a single Text Object. If you use one Text Object for each paragraph you can work more freely at your page layout by better combining paragraphs and other contents, such as images, galleries or videos.