WebSite X5 Pro

Often, when you have a complete presentation of a product/service to show, or you want to extensively talk about a particular subject, you find you need to divide the information into various levels of depth and use several pages linked to one another.

Instead of organizing all this information in several pages, an alternative way is to use several Tabs of a single text object, using the Tab display feature.

You can create a tab text as follows:

  • Insert a Text Object in a page and click on the  button to open the settings window.
  • Right-click the Tab1 tab at the bottom of the work area: click on Add a Tab in the menu to create a new Tab.
  • Give this Tab a suitable name and add its contents.
  • Follow this procedure to complete all the Tabs you need: all the commands you need to add, delete, rename and move the Tabs are in the context menu.
  • Go to the Text Object>Tabs Style section and choose the Display Mode: set, for example, Tabs - Horizontal and define all the various options for the size, style and effects.

If you combine the versatility of the Text Object (where you can add not only text, but also images, links and portions of HTML code) with the possibilities offered by displaying text in tabs, you can obtain some amazing results: imagine how online recipe books, or an online estate agent would appear, not to mention catalogs for all sorts of products, if you used this feature.