WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Objects are the contents you can use to set up your web pages. WebSite X5 offers a complete set of included Objects, as well as a list of Optional Objects which you can choose to install and which is constantly updated with new features, so you can create even more complete and professional-looking pages. 

Included vs. Optional Objects

Included in the software, you will find all the Objects you need to create complete web pages: 

A part from these, you can also install and use the Optional Objects, which are constantly released. Thanks to the Optional Objects you can further enrich your pages with new galleries, animated contents, social buttons and other special functions.

Where to find Optional Objects

There are two ways of finding out which are the available and most suitable Optional Objects for your website:

  • Visit the Marketplace

Go on the Marketplace and access the Objects section. Here you can find all the Optional Objects organized in different categories. You can find a short description and an example page for each Object. Click on the button to proceed with the installation or the purchase.

  • Use the Object Management window

While you're working with WebSite X5, go to Step 2 - Template > Template Content or to Step 4 - Page Creation and select the Add Object button. Access the Object Management window, where you can find an ordered list of the Optional Objects too: you can read a short description of the Object by selecting it. Use the Preview button to access the Marketplace preview page. Click on Buy or Install to proceed to the possible purchase and installation. 

Optional Objects: Free vs. Paid

Optional Objects can be available both for free and upon payment.  The former just need to be installed, while the latter have to be purchased with Credits first. 

Credits are money you can use to buy on the WebSite X5 Marketplace: you need them to get Optional Objects and Templates directly within the software. You can find more details about Credits on the dedicated Marketplace page

How to install an Optional Object

The procedure to install an Optional Object is the same, regardless if you get it from the Marketplace or directly within the software. In both cases, once you choose the Optional Object, you need to:

  • click on the corresponding button;
  • log in using the same details you used to register your WebSite X5 license.


  • if the Object is available for free, it is simply installed;
  • if the Optional Object is available upon payment, a check on the Credits availability is carried out: the necessary Credits are then used for the purchase and the Object is installed.

All the Optional Objects you install will be listed on  Step 2 - Template > Template Content and on Step 4 - Page Creation together with the included ones, and you can use them to set up your pages.

How to update Optional Objects

You actually don't have to worry about updating Optional Objects you already bought or installed. All the Objects you own, free or paid, are automatically kept up-to-date by the software. 

Every time a Project is being opened, in fact, the software makes sure that all the Objects used in it have been correctly installed and /or updated. 

The Objects that need some kind of intervention are recognizable because the icon they are associated with is different:

  • the arrow in the icon refers to the fact that the Object still needs to the installed/updated;
  • the plus symbol in the icon refers to the the fact that the Object still needs to be purchased.

Of course, you are free to use these Objects on your Project: by accessing the Object edit mode (by double-clicking on the entered Object or selecting it and clicking on the [IMG]   Content button) the installation/update is carried out, or you will be asked to complete the purchase.

Compatibility with WebSite X5 versions/editions

Optional Objects can be used in all WebSite X5 editions: Evo, Pro and Go.

For each Optional Object, the Marketplace Info Page reports the compatibility with the software versions (for example: 11, 12, 13)  it can be used with.

#tip - A check on your license is carried out, so you don't risk purchasing and/or installing an Object you already own or which is not compatible with your WebSite X5 version.

Integration with third-party services

Some Optional Objects are developed in order to allow the integration between WebSite X5 and third-party services.

In such cases, the Optional Object is free, while the third-party service might require the payment of a fee. You always have a trial period or version to evaluate the service offered, so you can then choose the best plan or version for you.

You can get in touch with the producing company for any technical or commercial information about third-party services.