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Have you ever considered bringing your paper product catalog online? With the Catalog Viewer Object you can import a PDF file and get a similar result as the one shown on the Home Page of The Artisan Way, or on this Preview page. This Object is perfect for any kind of document: restaurant menus, magazines, book excerpts etc.

How to import a PDF file and create an online catalog

  • Double-click on the Catalog Viewer Object you added on the page to open the settings window.
  • Select the PDF File you want to import.
  • Define the Properties. You can:
    • define the Object size, margins and colors;
    • use the first PDF document page as cover;
    • activate the zoom with double click.
  • Define the Navigation on the pages of the catalog. You can:
    • set the possibility to browse the pages with a click on the entire page;
    • have the page number shown;
    • have the control bar shown and possibly make a download button available;
    • have the page thumbnails shown.
  • Click OK when you're happy with the result.

Alternative solutions

If you want to make a PDF file available on your website, you can proceed in many equally good ways to do so. Your choice depends then on your necessities:

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