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In many situations you may want your visitors to download a file from your website: a pdf catalog, an image archive, a music track, an ebook or a software. In such cases, you should use the Download Button Object. Check it out on this Preview page.

Do you want to find out how Download Button works? Check out this video or keep reading:

How to define the button style and associate the file to download

  • Double-click on the Download Button Object you added on the page to open the settings window.
  • Click on theLocal File or on the  Online Library button to import the File to download: you can use the most popular formats.
  • Define the Label to be associated to the button.
  • Use the options in the Style section to define how the button should look like in its original state. You can work on colors, thickness, borders and size.
  • Use the options in the Effects section to define how to button should look like on mouse over.
  • Click on Ok when you're happy with the result.

How to add a download counter

You can also setup a download counter displaying the number in a bubble connected to the button.

  • In the Bubble window, use the Position option to decide where the bubble should be displayed. If you select None, no counter will be displayed.
  • Use the options available in the Bubble section to define its style. You can format the text, choose the element colors and set the size expressed in pixels.
  • If you don't want the first counter number to be 0, set a different Starting Number

4 tips to create efficient buttons 

Buttons are generally very important for a web page. To make them more efficient, you need to follow these rules:

  1. Carefully select the CTA (Call to Action) for your button label: it should be brief, direct and clear, so that the readers will immediately understand what will happen by clicking.
  2. Put some effort in the graphic style: choose some colors that get along well with the rest of the template, but make sure they create a contrast with the background. 
  3. Use animations and effects: micro-interactions will help the visitor recognize and use your buttons.
  4. Try different CTAs, colors and effects: don't forget the most effective solution isn't always the one you graphically like the most.

#tip - Alternatives. You can create your buttons also by using the Button Object which you can find in the list of the Page main Objects. Try the Animated Button and Hover Button Optional Objects too and choose the one which better suits your needs.

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