WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

You probably have accounts on Social Media, don't you? Then don't forget to report some social buttons on your website, so people can easily follow you. To do this, you can use the Social Icons Object. We used it in many of our Templates, usually in the footer: Photogram and Crafty Gal Corner are just two examples. You can find more on the Preview page. 

How to create a social button bar

  • Double-click on the Social Icons Object you just added on the page to open the settings window. 
  • You can add up to four social buttons. Report the following details for each:
    • Social Media URL: report your account URL;
    • Social Media name: select the social network in question.
  • Define the style for the button bar using the List settings. You can:
    • report the Real size, i.e. the size for each button on the bar;
    • report the Icon size, i.e. the size for the social media logos compared to size of the buttons;
    • set the Icon distance, i.e. the space between the buttons;
    • choose if the buttons should be aligned vertically or horizontally.
  • Define the icon style for the button bar by using the Icon settings. You can:
    • choose the Flat or the original style for the logos;
    • set the Colors and the Rounded Corners for the logos;
    • choose the Effect type for the icon on mousover.
  • Click Ok when you're happy with the result.

Other solutions

The advantage of the Social Icons Object is that you don't have to set up each single button, so you can create a smooth bar more easily.

Alternatively, you can use the specific optional Objects for the most popular Social Media: the LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and X (ex Twitter) Objects.

Are you curious to use this Object on your website pages? Install Social Icons now: it's free