WebSite X5 Pro

Once a website has been published on the Internet, there may be times when somebody other than the original author needs to update some parts of it. It may be the client for whom the website has been created, or members of an association who want to keep their website updated constantly with the latest news and events. Authorized users must be able to update certain parts of the website directly online, without necessarily having a copy of the program and/or project files, and without changing other sections or altering the overall graphic layout.

WebSite X5 makes this possible with the Dynamic Content Object. The website author can use the Dynamic Content Object to authorize named users to make changes to specific areas, whilst maintaining control over the project as a whole. This possibility offers two clear advantages:

  • the author saves time by delegating on-the-spot updates to others;
  • the website is kept constantly updated.

Adding a Dynamic Content on a Page is really simple:

You need to save give this page a .PHP extension in order for the Object to work correctly:

  • On Step 3 - Sitemap Creation, select the page you added the Dynamic Content Object on.
  • Click on Properties and, in the following window, access the Expert section.
  • Use the File Name Format option to set the PHP extension.

Once your website is online, the enabled users will be able to modify the dynamic contents every time they need to. To do this, they will be able to use the Control Panel.