WebSite X5 Pro

Enabled users can edit contents in specific Dynamic Content Objects directly online without having to have a copy of the installed software or original project files. Enabled users need to:

  • Use their username and password to log in. 
  • When the mouse passes over a Dynamic Content Object that the specific user is enabled to edit, the cursor changes shape and a broken line appears around the Object.
  • Click on the Dynamic Content Object to start the built-in online text editor.
  • Type in the text and format it as required.
  • Click on the Save button to save the new contents, or on the Delete button to remove the new contents.

To allow enabled users to log in, you must remember to add the necessary field in the website, using, for example, the "Login/Logout" option object. Remember that the optional objects can be managed in the Objects Management window.

If an enabled user has not logged in, the contents of the Dynamic Content Object are treated as normal text and it is not possible to click on the object to start the built-in online editor.

If an enabled user deletes the contents of a Dynamic Content Object without adding new text, the default contents of the object are re-proposed: the object is not left empty.

Website administrators can display the list of all the Dynamic Objects that have been added to the website in the Dynamic Content Object section of the online Control Panel: click on an  object to open the website page where it has been inserted and edit it.