WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When you are browsing the Internet, you often come across pages which display a form where you are asked for personal details. These forms can be a means of contact, to ask you to register to receive information, to access Members' Areas using passwords, or simply for surveys or market research.

Whatever the purpose, with WebSite X5 you can create a contact form very easily by specifying the fields you want in it, deciding on the page layout and graphic appearance and, most importantly, stipulating how submitted data is to be collected and who receives it.

When you preview your website, a message reminds you that e-mails with submitted data will not be sent. The Contact Form feature only works fully when the website has been published on the Server.

The Contact Form feature will function correctly if the Server on which the website is published supports the .PHP programming language and if the MAIL command is active. 

If you chose WebSite X5 Hosting to upload your website, you are sure everything has already been correctly configured.

If, on the other hand, you use another Provider, you can rely on the diagnostic instruments about the server through the Website Test section of the Control  Panel. 

If problems occur when sending e-mails, it is possible that the Server you are using does not have a standard configuration. Try changing the script settings and those for sending e-mails, using the options in the Server Settings window (see: How to export your website using a Hosting service different from the one included with WebSite X5). For further information, contact your web space provider.