WebSite X5 Pro

A form that contains a lot of questions may discourage some visitors, and is less readable. You can divide the form into specific sections (for example, "Personal details", "Contact information", "Interests", etc.) and show each section on a separate tab.

If you are using the Pro of WebSite X5, you can divide a form into sections as follows:

  • To create a section in a form, open the Insert Field, select Separator and give it a Label.
  • The Separator must be before all the other fields in the section. You can use the Move up / Move down commands in the Contact Form Object > List window to change the order of the fields.
  • In the sections after the first one, you can use the Display data in a new frame option for the Separator. The fields after the separators are not displayed immediately, but they appear in a new tab when the visitor presses the "Next" button (added automatically at the bottom of the form).