WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Data that is submitted in online forms have to be transmitted to the Site Administrator. In most cases, it is enough to send this data by e-mail. Each time a visitor fills in a Form and presses the Send button, the data are added to an e-mail which is sent to a specific address.

  • In Contact Form Object > Send, set Send data by e-mail as the Data submission method.
  • Use the options for Data submission to define the settings and contents of the e-mail that is sent to the Site Administrator.
  • Use the Sender e-mail address to indicate the sender of the e-mail as the visitor, and specify which field the e-mail address is to be taken from. This means the "Reply" command of the e-mail program can be used to reply to the visitor.
  • Specify the User e-mail address, which is the e-mail address where the Site Administrator will receive the e-mails, the Subject and the Message.
  • Select the Include the collected data in CSV format option so that the submitted data is included in the e-mail in .CSV format (so it can be read in programs such as Microsoft Excel).

With some providers, you can't set the visitor's e-mail address as the sender of the e-mail leaving the website because they block e-mails that don't have the same domain as the website they are sent from. In these cases, go to the Data Management window and select the Always use the following sender address option. Then specify an e-mail address (for example, that has the same domain (in the example, this is as the website from where e-mails are being sent.

E-mails containing data submitted through online forms are created automatically by the Program. Use the options on Step 2 -Template Settings to define the style of these e-mails.