WebSite X5 Pro

If you think your online forms will be filled in by a large number of visitors, using e-mails to collect the submitted data may not be the most convenient solution: the Site Administrator will risk receiving too many e-mails have to spend too much time organizing submitted data and replying to the e-mails. (see, How to send submitted data by e-mail): 

In these cases, if you are using the Pro edition, you may prefer to have the data sent directly to a database: in this way, the data will be entered automatically in the preset tables, ready to be later processed.

  • Go to Step 4 - Pages, select the Contact Form Object to work on and open the Contact Form Object > Send window.
  • Set Send data to the Database as Data submission method.
  • Specify the Table Name of the database to use.
  • Select the Send an e-mail to notify the data has been received option and enter the Site Administrator's e-mail address in the User e-mail address field so that he will be notified when new data arrives.

E-mails containing data submitted through online forms are created automatically by the Program. Use the options in Step 2-Template Settings to define the style of these e-mails.

#tip - Database and project export. If you decide to export your website using the Webspace offered by WebSite X5, you don't have to do anything: the database and server connection parameters are already integrated. If, on the other hand, you choose another Provider, you will need to report them manually. Please see: How to export your website using a Hosting Service different from the one included with WebSite X5.