WebSite X5 Pro

As Website Administrator, you can manage the order you get on your store and manage the product availability using the Control Panel available with WebSite X5. Alternatively, you can employ the WebSite X5 Manager App (see: How to manage orders and products with the online Control Panel).

To access the Control Panel you need to:

  • go to where refers to the Website URL your E-Commerce is linked to;
  • Log in using the Administrator details. You will find them on Step 1 - Website Settings > Access management: all the Users in the Admin group can access the Control Panel.

On the E-commerce section of the Control Panel you can:

  • View the list of new orders in the Ready for Processing tab.
  • In this section, you can:
  • Click on the order number or the  button next to it to open the order.
  • If the order can't be processed immediately (for example, payment is still due or there is a problem with the invoice/shipping data), click on the button to move it to the On Hold tab.  
  • If the order has been processed, click on the button to move it to the Processed tab. If you activated the option for the shipping tracking, on the dialog window you will be able to report the tracking number (see: How to set up the shipping tracking). If, on the other hand, you have activated the Automatic management via Qapla' option, all data are automatically sent to Qapla', and you can access the platform to proceed (see: How to manage shipments with Qapla').
  • If you haven't received the payment yet, you can click on the  button to resend the confirmation e-mail with the necessary information to complete the payment. By hovering the mouse on the icon, you will be able to see a list of the payment reminders you've already sent. If you send more than 3 for the same order, the icon turns red: you can still send new reminders, or simply mark the order as canceled.
  • If the order is not valid, click on the  button to delete it from the orders database.
  • View the Processed tab to display the sales trend.
  • View the On Hold tab to process or delete an order that was waiting for more information. Orders have to be moved from On Hold to Ready for Processing before they can be processed: this can be done with the  button.
  • View the Availability tab to check the list of products that are under the minimum quantity level.
  • View the Charts tab to check the online shopping cart sales trend charts.