WebSite X5 Pro

When you have finished working on the orders in the online Control Panel (see: How to manage orders and products with the online Control Panel), go back to the program and update the project so you have the correct stock availability on hand and can replenish stocks as necessary.

  • Go to Step 1 - Website Settings > Shopping Cart > Product List window and click on the Update button: the information on availability in the summary table is updated according to the orders received (in the Ready for Processing tab in the E-commerce section of the control panel) or processed  (in the Processed tab in the E-commerce section of the Control Panel). Remember that stock is counted according to the settings of the Update available quantity on order dispatch option in the Shopping Cart > Options window (see: How to define product stock availability).
  • If the available quantity of a Product has fallen below the minimum level, select the Product and click on the Edit button.
  • Open the Availability section in the Product Settings window and enter an appropriate value in the Quantity to add/remove field.
  • Make any further changes that are necessary and then publish the updated Project online.