WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When the content of a website is shared on a social network, the text is usually associated to an image.

To avoid the Social Network to randomly choose this image, you can choose an image to be always associated to your website when it is shared:

  • Go to Step 1- Website Settings > General Information.
  • Use the option WebSite Image to import an image (a .JPG, .PNG or .GIF file) you want to associate your website to.

#tip - Facebook. Facebook suggests using 1200x630 pixel pictures, but the lowest resolution for displaying pictures in a large format (and not as a small square on the left) is 600x315 pixels.

Thanks to the Open Graph og:image tag, this  image will be used when you share pages on social networks (Facebook, X, Google+, etc.).

If you share a blog post which includes a slideshow, the first picture in the slideshow will be used instead of the website picture.

#tip - Open Graph. For more information on the Open Graph protocol, click on the  button to go to the official website.