WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When you set up a members' Area with locked pages, first of all you need to define the users having access to it, so get the login details for each person requiring the access.

You can manually create the Users yourself, or you can set up the Automatic Users Registration, so visitors will automatically receive their login details.

On the basis of the voluntary association website we had mentioned previously (see: How to create a members' area and define access to it), let's see how to manually create Users and Groups.

  • In Step 1 - Website Settings, click on Access Management.
  • In the Groups and Users with priority access table, the Administrator group, with an Admin user, and the User group already exist by default. Leaving aside for a moment the Select the Administrator group, select Group/Users and use the New Group command to create 4 groups that will be named "Central Coordination team", "Project A committee", "Project B committee" and "Project C committee".
  • Select the  "Central Coordination team" group and click on the New User button to open the User Settings window, where you can create the "Member 1" user. Type in  Name, Last name and E-mail Address in the appropriate fields and give it a Passwordyou can click on the padlock icon to generate a new randomly chosen password with 8 characters (complete with letters and numbers), or type in the password manually.
  • Repeat this procedure to create Usernames for all the Members, and position them in the correct Groups.
  • The "Member 1" user is part of all the groups: in this case, select him and click 3 times on the Create Alias command to create 3 aliases for this user. Select each alias and drag & drop it in each group.

#tip - Aliases. Creating an Alias is useful when you need to report the same User in different Groups: in fact, the Alias is connected to the User, so that if you make any changes, these will be automatically applied to all Aliases. To create an Alias more quickly, you can select a User, drag it and, before dropping it in a second Group, you need to press the CTRL key. Aliases can't be created for Users in the Administrator Group, as they can access all the locked pages by default.