WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When you have defined the list of users, with their relative credentials, you can specify which pages in the website are to be locked, and who has access to them.

  • In Step 3 - Map select the first page to be locked and click on the  button to open the Locked Page window.
  • Select the Set this Page as Locked option and then tick each user or group who can access it. Locked pages are indicated on the website Map by the icon.
  • Locked pages may or may not be displayed in menus, according to whether you select the Hidden option or not.
  • Repeat this procedure for all the pages you want to lock, deciding which Users/Groups to give access to for each of them.

#tip - Giving access to a Group is not the same as giving access to all the Users in a Group: only in the first case, if new users are added to a group, they will have automatic access to locked pages if the group already has access.