WebSite X5 Pro

If you are working with the Pro edition of WebSite X5 you can enable the Users to register autonomously, so they automatically get the login credentials and access locked pages  (see: How to enable the automatic User registration ). 

In such cases, all the data on new users who register is stored in the relative section of the online Control Panel.

To keep the list of users registered with WebSite X5 constantly up to date, you have to do the following:

  • Open the Access Management window in Step 1 - Website Settings.
  • Click on the Update the list of users who have registered online button in the Users section: the details of the users who have registered automatically on the Internet are downloaded and added to the Automatic Registration group.

The Users in the Automatic Registration group can be now moved to any other group, so to manage the website sections they can have access to. To do this, it is enough to select the Users in  the Automatic Registration Group and drag them to another Group: in this way, an Alias for each User will be created.

When the list of automatically-registered users is updated, the following cases may occur:

  • The User has not yet validated his e-mail address (if requested): the name will have a yellow dot next to it. If you believe the address is valid, you can manually validate it with the Validate button in either the User Settings window or the online Control Panel.  
  • The User has given an e-mail that has already been used by another person: the name will have a red dot next to it. One of the e-mails must be changed.
  • The User has registered when placing an order on your store: the name will have a shopping cart icon next to it.

After having updated the user list, with the Update the list of users who have registered online button,  the operations carried out on the Users will take effect only after the website has been published online. This means, for example, that the list of downloaded users will not be removed from the online Control Panel or the WebSite X5 Manager app until the website is republished online.