WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When a Users try to access a locked page before logging in, they will be redirected to a Login Page, which is automatically generated by WebSite X5.

If you are using the Manual Registration for the Users, this login page will report the following elements:

  • An introductory welcome text which you can set on Access Management > Settings > Welcome message.
  • A login form where the registered Users can add their E-mail and Password. A link to recover the Password is already available, in case the Users forget it.
  • If you want to, you can also set the button for the registration under the login form, so Users who have not registered yet can contact you to ask for their login credentials. In order to do this, you need to:
    • Create a page where Users can contact you: for example, you can insert a contact form on this page.
    • If you don't want this page to be displayed on the navigation menu, select it on the Map and use the Hidden button .
    • Go to  Access Management > Settings > Registration Page and  click on thebutton to select the page you just created.


If on the other hand, you are using the Pro edition and you are using the Automatic Registration for Users, the login page will report, a part from the above mentioned welcome text and login form, a registration form. This form can be used by new Users to register by filling it out with their details. If you set the validation e-mail to be sent, after filling out the form, a message will be displayed which informs the user to check out the inbox so to validate the reported e-mail address.

#tip - The Login Page is displayed on the Map as a Special Page: you can select it and open the Page Properties window to define some main configurations.