WebSite X5 Evo and Pro since version 2019.1

In WebSite X5, you will find a gallery with over 100  preset templates you can use to develop your projects. Moreover, you can find new templates in the Template section of the WebSite X5 Marketplace.

WebSite X5 Templates

The starting point to look for new templates to use in WebSite X5 is WebSite X5 Templates, the section of the Marketplace official website, which you can find here:

New templates are constantly being added to WebSite X5 Templates, available free of charge or on purchase, and all of them ready to use for your new Projects.

You can simply select the wished Category to check out all available Templates: a complete Info and Preview page is available for each of them.

The Info page reports all the details related to the selected Template, as well as the buttons to purchase or download it for free (see: How to import a Template from the Marketplace). 

Don't forget that the only way to purchase Templates on the Marketplace is by using Credits. You can buy Credits directly on the Marketplace itself: you just need an active Marketplace account, log in and visit the My Credits page.

What the Templates of the WebSite X5 Marketplace consist of

All the Templates available on the Marketplace are real mini websites complete with their own graphic elements, style and preset pages. 

In short, when you buy or download one of these Templates you get a project file (IWZIP file) consisting of:

  • a customized graphic template;
  • original graphic elements in the header/footer;
  • a sitemap reporting different pages (such as Home, Services, Prices, Contacts, About) or a single page divided into different sections (such as a one-page website). The layout of each of these pages has been built using:
    • default texts with a style already applied;
    • example images;
    • multimedia objects (such as galleries, contact forms, maps etc.).

Once you import the project in WebSite X5 you will be able to add your own contents and, after having applied any wished customization, you will be able to export your website online. 

If you then need to create a new website, using a WebSite X5 Template is the best choice. It's a great starting point for you to get the result you are looking for without wasting time.

Templates available on the WebSite X5 Marketplace

To keep you up-to-date on all the templates that are currently available, the list of WebSite X5 default templates is automatically updated as new templates are published in WebSite X5 Templates. Look through the previews to see the new templates, those that still have to be installed and those that have to be purchased: the icon next to each template indicates the type. All your work takes place within the program and you can be sure of having all the templates always available.