WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

If you use the Gallery or the Product Catalog Object you might bump into a pop-up window ShowBox, which is linked to an element of the website and can be used to show a larger image, a video or an entire image slideshow. By clicking the link, the browser window is darkened so to highlight the ShowBox window, which opens according to the entry effect which has been set and is displayed above the rest of the contents. 

#Tip - You can also manually create a link to open a video/image gallery in a ShowBox window. For more information, please see: How to set a link to open an image gallery on a ShowBox window

The ShowBox window takes on the same graphic layout and effects defined for the Template, but you are free to customize it according to your tastes and needs. That's what you need to do:

  • On Step 2- Template Settings click on the Pop-up window Showbox button.
  • Define the Effect  to be applied to the ShowBox when it opens and the Transition effect for the transition from a picture to the other for the slideshow shown inside the ShowBox window.
  • Set the different parameters which define:
    • the Style, i.e. the area outside the ShowBox window. You can define the color which will be used to darken the area, its opacity and its blurring effect. You can also choose the style for the buttons used to switch image.
    • the  Outer Frame layout, i.e. the ShowBox window itself. Here you can define the color and the style of its border.
    • the Text, as usual, you can set the colors, formatting settings and alignment.
  • Now you can possibly activate the following options:
    • Show progress indicator: the number associated to the current image (such as 3/8);
    • Enable full-screen view: the command to open the ShowBox window in full-screen view;
    • Enable zoom options to respectively show: the command to zoom in the images reported inside the ShowBox window.