WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Tables are very useful for organizing and presenting data.

Tables can often present information more clearly than a long and wordy text. If you use a table to present a hotel price list, for example, giving the cost of the different types of rooms in different periods of the year, it will be much clearer and easier to read than pages full of text giving the same information.

Tables can also contain graphics, that help make the page look more attractive and break the monotony of a long text.

If you use a table to present information, make sure it is not too complicated, that the information is presented clearly and logically, and that the table is easy to read and attractive.

WebSite X5 provides an Editor for creating tables that is very similar to the editor used for Object Text. By default, the editor shows a 2 rows x 3 columns table, that covers the whole width of the cell in the page layout table where it is inserted. Of course, you can add more rows and columns, change their size and merge or split cells as necessary to create more complex tables.

Just like in the case of the Text Object, with Pro edition of WebSite X5 you can also display more than one table at a time, using tabs within the same Table Object: this is a practical and efficient way of giving a lot of information in a relatively small space, such as that of a web page (see: How to display text in tabs).