WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

The Content Slider is more than a simple image gallery: in fact, its slides don't only include images, but also titles, descriptions and buttons. Because of this, it is perfectly suited to be used on a Homepage, possibly inserted in its top section, so to be immediately visible: you can use it to drag your  visitors' attention and to report the most important CTAs (Call to action). We have used the Content Slider for some templates you will find in the preset Template library. Check out, for example, Shoemaking & Repairs (category Business), Homemade (category Food), Coworking Space (category Community & Education) or Art Gallery (category Arts & Photography).

To better understand how the Content Slider Object works, watch the following video or keep reading this article:

To set up the Content Slider Object, you need to:

  1. Insert all the necessary slides by defining the contents which need to be available in each one.
  2. Define the graphic style for each slide.

How to create the slides

The first thing you need to do is to create all the slides you need and insert the necessary contents.

  • When you create your page, double-click on the Content Slider Object to open the settings window and stay in the Contents section.
  • Click on the Add button to create a new slide: this is automatically added to the Slide list. Use the reported buttons to add all the slides you need, remove the unnecessary ones and define the order you like the most.
  • Select the slide you want to work on and use the available Settings to define its contents: import the image and the background; add a title, the description and the button CTA; click on the  button to set a link on the button.  
  • Repeat the last step so to create all your slides: when you're done, click on the Preview button to see the Content Slider in action on the local Browser.

How to define the graphic style for the slides

Follow these steps to define style and organization of each slide in the Content Slider:

  • Go to the Style section of the Content Slider.
  • Choose how to set the slides: for example, you can have an image on the right and some contents on the left, or the image on top and the contents at the bottom. If you have flanked contents, use the Image Width % to define how much of the available space the image must occupy.
  • Set some Effects if necessary: you can set one for the whole slide and one for the contents.
  • Set a style for the different Elements of the slide. Select them one by one (Image, Title, Description, Button) and use the available options to work on colors, margins and alignments. 
  • Finally, and according to the result you wish to get, you can decide to show the navigation commands, to add the navigation bullets or to set an autoplay for the slideshow.