WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

WebSite X5 can automatically manage all the most common tags (only with Pro edition). Still, setting the Title and Description Tags manually for a page can be used to improve the optimization and the raking in search engine results.

  • If you are working with the Pro edition, the first thing to do is to go to SEO from Step 1 - WebSite Settings and enter the Tag section.
  • From Automatic heading tag management, choose option 1 - None to activate the manual heading Tag management.
  • Now from Step 3 - Sitemap Creation, select the page you want to get optimized and click on  Proprieties.
  • In the SEO tab in the Page Property window tick the Tag 'Title' option and add your text in the Title Tag field. Generally speaking, the Title tag should include around 55-64 characters (including the spaces): in this way, it will not be truncated in SERP (the Search Engine page where the results are displayed and at the same time you will be able to express your communicative and informational potential.

Remember that, if you don't activate the Tag 'Title' option, the value for the <tag> title will automatically take on the Page Title.

#tip - It is useful that the text chosen for the Page Title is different from the one of the Tag 'Title' field. In the first case, you need to write it keeping your website visitors in mind, who will be the ones reading the text: remember to be persuasive. In the second case, on the other hand, you need to write it so to improve the page optimization for Search Engines: use the most appropriate keywords here.

  • Similarly, in the Tag 'Description' box add a summary of the page content no longer than 156 characters. The counter on the right helps you take note of the length of your text. While writing it, always consider this text is generally used by Search Engines to create the page snippet to be displayed on the SERP (the pages showing the search results). In order to be mode efficient, it should be brief and significant.

To write your Page Title and Title, Description and Keywords tags more quickly, you can rely on MagicText, the Artificial Intelligence-based text generation assistant available in WebSite X5 Pro. To open MagicText, just click on thebutton you find in these fields: provide the necessary information to define the text you want to get, and it will be generated before your eyes.

#tip - You can use the texts MagicText generate as they are, or you can edit them so they better suit your needs. Find out more on What's MagicText and how can I use it to generate text contents

How is your page going to look like in the Google search results?

Visit and add your text in the Title and Meta Description box to get a preview and see what users will see.