WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Credits are money you can use to buy WebSite X5 additional resources on the WebSite X5 Marketplace. These include Optional Objects and Templates.

How to buy a WebSite X5 Credit Pack

  1.  Log in to our Marketplace and click Buy Credits.
  2. From the Buy Credits page, pick a Credit pack. You can choose between these 3: 25 Credits, 45 Credits, 85 Credits.
  3. Click the Buy button and proceed to checkout. You can pay using Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

How to activate WebSite X5 Credits

  1. Go to your inbox and copy the code in the Order Confirmation email received.
  2. Visit the My Credits page of your Help Center account. You'll be asked to log in in case you've disconnected.
  3. Paste the code in the field and click Activate to complete the procedure.
  4. You can activate more than one package at a time. Check the box on the left to keep track of the amount of Credits you have.

Active Credits Expiry Date

When Credit pack activation is complete, the Status column in the Credits purchased section is set to Active. In this section, you can also check:

  • Credit Pack Expiry Date: use the active Credits before they're out of date
  • Used/Total Credits: move the mouse over the "i" to display the amount of Credits left per pack

See the Credits Used section to keep track of your orders on our Marketplace and the amount of Credits spent.