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Did you know that when you create a web page you really should pay attention to blank spaces? It is important to leave some space between the contents in order to convey each element the right importance and to create a welcoming page instead of a wall of words, which could discourage any reader. With the Separator Object, you can easily manage the vertical space between two contents or create a spacing graphic element. Check out some examples on the Preview page. 

That's what you need to do to work with the Separator Object:

  • On Step 4 - Page Creation, add the Separator Object between two contents to manage the space vertically.
  • Double-click on the Object you just added on the page to open the settings window.
  • Define the separator Type you want to create: an icon, an image (possibly repeated for all the available space), a text or a blank space. 
  • Set the necessary elements, which vary according to the separator you chose: select the icon, import the image or type in the text.
  • Possibly set up a separator line as well.
  • If you chose the Empty separator, set the height expressed in pixels: it should be as high as the space you want to set up.
  • Check the result in the Preview section: click Owhen you're satisfied.

#tip - Alternatives. You can also use the Simple Separator Object: this is free and you can use it to manage the space between two contents. You can also manage the spacing using the Margin and Alignment window, which you can open with the  button you can find in the Toolbar above the page layout table. You shouldn't leave any empty cells or rows to work on the Object alignment.

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