WebSite X5 Pro

As reported in the post WebSite X5's release system, there are both a public version of the software - i.e. the version you are probably using right now- and a Preview  version.

The Preview version, which includes new functions, is an overview on what will come in the next public version: it gives the greatest number of people the possibility to test how the newly-introduced functions work.

Any user having an active WebSite X5 Pro license can join the testing simply by registering to the Preview Program on the Preview & Beta page.


Don't forget that while using a Preview version you are working with a version which is still being tested, so that some malfunctions are likely to happen. 

Moreover, you should consider that if you import your projects from the current public version into the Preview, they will be automatically updated and it won't be possible to import them back into the public version anymore.

Because of this, we suggest you to use the Preview versions for test projects only, or at least to previously create a backup copy.

If you want to open in Preview version a project which you had previously created with a public version, the program helps you correctly manage your projects.

  • Opening a project

A warning message will let you know that the project will be converted and that a backup copy will be created before proceeding. In this way, you will always have your original project available for you.

  • Using a database

If you have integrated a database on your original project (to manage a members' area or an e-commerce for instance), a copy of the tables in use will be automatically created and it will be renamed by adding the prefix w5preview to the original name. In this way, you will be able to use the collected data in the Preview version for your tests without affecting those available in the public version.

  • Publishing the project

Once you export the project online, you will find that the connection parameters are automatically reported, but with these adaptations:

  • the Destination folder field will report the /w5preview subfolder, so not to overwrite the existing website with the Preview one;
  • the website URL is then consequently modified by adding the /w5preview subfolder (for example
  • to avoid the upload of modified files only, the publication chronology is cancelled, so that all the project files are exported.

By creating a backup file and by following the suggested database and export management, you will be able to keep on your server both the original public version project and the Preview one. You will then be able to perform all the necessary tests and help us develop the best WebSite X5 ever.