WebSite X5 Pro since version 2020.2

The carousel is one of the most popular and effective way Google has to report the list of results on it SERP.

Usually, only certain kinds of contents are reported in a carousel on on mobile. Carousels are often  made of articles available within a same website, but they can also report results from different sources, such as the Latest News.

 The main advantage of the carousel is the visibility it gives to its results: in fact, thanks to their dominant position on the page and their attractive design, carousels attract the users'attention, so they tend to click more frequently on the results reported in this way.

In WebSite X5

As Google itself explains, all the elements included in the carousel must be of the same type. Because of this, WebSite X5 uses the Carousel for: 

  • the Home page, the Blog Categories, Tags and Authors;
  • the product Search page;
  • the pages reporting the Product Catalog Object.

To add the Carousel markup on your website, you simply need to go to Step 1 - Website Settings > SEO  > Structured Data and activate the Add Structured Data option.