WebSite X5 Pro since version 2020.2

PayPal Commerce Platform is a new PayPal payment solution which simplifies the implementation of various payment systems, thus improving the quality of the customer experience on the online store, making it more satisfying and linear.

Using PayPal Commerce Platform on WebSite X5 is really simple and thanks to this new solution with a single account you will be able to accept direct payments via credit cards ( Visa, Mastercard and American Express), debit cards and stored-value cards, via PayPal, as well as other localized payment methods, so to fulfil the needs of more than 190 countries all around the world, for instance MyBank, iDeal, Sofort, Giropay etc, and allow your customers to pay in more than 100 different currencies. With the new Buy Now Pay Later service, you will then be able to offer your customers the possibility to pay in installents with no interests nor extra costs.

#tip - The old PayPal payment system is now deprecated. Please update your online store and activate PayPal Commerce Platform.

How to connect the PayPal account

In order to activate PayPal Commerce Platform as payment method for your online store, you need to proceed as follows:

  • Go to Step 1 - Settings > Shopping Cart >Order Management
  • In the Payment type List click on Add so to access the Payment Type window. 
  • Open the Type section and activate the Pay Now option: select now the "PayPal Commerce Platform" option as Payment Type.
  • Click on the Connect PayPal Account button.
  • You will be redirected on a PayPal page: please follow the reported procedure to connect the account. You may need to confirm your e-mail address.
  • If don't have a PayPal Business account yet, you will be asked to create one and to connect it to your e-commerce. To do this, you may be asked to report some details such as your e-mail, password, name, contact details of the store owner etc. 
  • Once you have reported your company details, you need to give WebSite X5 the permission to integrate PayPal on your website. 
  • In just few steps you have then activated and connected the PayPal Commerce Platform: you can now use the other options available in WebSite X5 to define the pages which need to be displayed for the Payment Confirmation or the Payment Error.  
  • Before concluding, you can define some Payment Method Preferences. Click on the Settingsbutton and, in the recalled window, decide which items to activate:
    • Enable payment with Credit Card: to display a form on your website which the Customer can use to report their Credit Card data to proceed with the payment.
    • Enable payment with Apple Pay: Apple Pay is the contactless mobile payment system offered by Apple. It allows saving credit and debit cards on iOS devices so to make online payments easier and safer, without having to use physical cards.
#tip - To use Apple Pay, you first need to activate the service on your PayPal account.
  • Enable payment with Google Pay: Google Pay is the contactless mobile payment system offered by Google. It allows saving credit and debit cards on Android devices so to make online payments easier and more efficiently, without having to use physical cards.  
  • Allow saving of payment method: to give registered Customers the option to save payment data, so not to re-enter them when they make another purchase. If they activate this option, Customers will just have to log in and directly place an order without having to report their credentials.   
#tip - The option to save the payment method (also known as vaulting) is only available for registered Customers. For more information, see: How to set up customer registration in your online store
  • Show installment payment option: this option is available for the PayPal  "Buy Now Pay Later"  payment method only, which gives the final customer the possibility to pay in installments. With this option, everywhere on the store where prices or the active payment methods are shown, a note will be reported reminding the installment payment option.
#tip"Buy Now Pay Later" is a PayPal service which gives the customer the possibility to pay in installments. If the amount is suitable, it is automatically divided into 3 or 4 installments (according to the country): when the payment is performed, the store manager will get the whole amount right away, while PayPal will take care of the installment management. The service doesn't include additional costs and it is already available for many countries. The installment payments is available in specific conditions only. See Terms and Conditions.
  • Finally, just for the Digital products, you can make sure that when payment is received, the order is automatically set as 'Processed': all you have to do to achieve this is to enable the Process the purchase automatically after having received the payment option.

#tip - To find out more about how to set a new payment method in general, please see: How to define payment methods.

What the customer sees

As we said, PayPal Commerce Platform is compatible with the most popular payment methods in each country: credit and debit cards, PayPal and local payment systems. Of course, the platform doesn't always report the same payment methods for all the customers: this would unnecessarily complicate the whole process. On the other hand, it selects the best payment options according to the single customer. The choice of the payment options to be displayed is performed according to different factors, such as the country the customers are from or the device they are using to visit the website.

On top pf that, if the customer lives in a country for which the Buy Now Pay Later option is active and if you activated this option, the installment payment button will be displayed together with the others.


As a result, the customers' shopping experience will be customized and optimized, so to be successfully completed.  

Compatibility notes

We kindly recommend using the new PayPal Commerce Platform system for both your payments via PayPal and credit card.

If you update your WebSite X5, you will notice the old PayPal/Credit Card system will be labelled as "deprecated": if you set this method for your e-commerce you will still be able to use it, but we recommend using the new one instead.