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Often an image isn't enough, a description reporting some essential details may be necessary: a title, a brief text and possibl a button to place an order or to request more information. You can do all this with the Hover Image Optional Object: add an image with its caption and display texts and buttons on mouseover with a fantastic effect. 

Check out some examples on the Preview page, then try it yourself! 

The elements of an animated image

There are three elements which build up the Hover image Object, namely:

  1. the initial image, i. e. the one displayed when the content is loaded;
  2. the caption, which is displayed on mouseover and can report a title, a text and a button;
  3. the effect, which is the transition used to display the caption above the image on mouseover.

How to set up an animated image

  • Double-click on the Hover Image Object you added on the page to open its settings window.
  • First of all import the image file from your PC or from the available libraries. Possibly activate the Fit size option if necessary.
  • Now move on to the Caption. Select the wished element from the drop-down list:
    • Title
    • Text 
    • Button 
  • Now use the available options to create the texts and format the different elements. Define the fonts, the colors and the background, then report a link using the button and choosing the wished action in the Link window.
  • Now you can move on to the effect: use the drop-down menu in the General section and choose the most appropriate Style.
  • You can finally set a background color for both the image and the caption and set the final Size the Object must take on.
  • Click OK when you're happy with the result.

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