WebSite X5 Pro

Product Pages are automatically created by the program, and they report a description of the selected Product by reporting the details you added using the Product Settings window (see: What's the Product Page and how to use it).

As far as their graphic layout is concerned, the Product pages take on most of  the template settings, so to have the same style as the rest of the website.

#tip - Don't forget you can define the style of the different project elements and texts on Step 2 - Template Settings > Text Style.

Still, you can customize some aspect of the Product Page. That's what you need to do:

  • As soon as  you activate the Product Page, you will automatically find the E-Commerce: Product Page Special Page on Step 3- Sitemap: double-click on it or select it and click on Edit.
  • Define if the gallery and the details should be displayed on the right or on the left.
  • Define the size of the image gallery by reporting its width in relation to the page and the height for both the gallery itself and the thumbnails.
  • Now you can work on some elements and decide whether you want to keep them visible or not within the Product Pages and to define some graphic settings. These elements are:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Details such as  Category, Quantity, Options, Availability and Price.
    • "Add to cart" button
    • "Add to Wishlist" button