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You surely notied it: all the websites which offer different kinds of products or subscription services include a pricing page reporting a nice table as main page content. The importance of this table is crucial: it needs to display in the clearest way possible the different offers, so the customers can choose and buy the solution which better suits their needs. 

You now have a specific tool to create a pricing table: the Pricing Table Optional Object. Check out  the examples on the Preview page and then create your own. 

Do you want to find out how Pricing Table works? Check out this video or keep reading:

1. Add the details

The first thing you need to do in order to create your pricing table is reporting all the needed details:

  • Double-click on the Pricing Table Object you have just added on the page so to open its settings window and stay in the Contents section.
  • As you can see using the first dropdown menu, your table can have up to 4 boxes or columns. Select Box 1 so to set it up.
  • Report the needed details, not all are compulsory. You can specify:
    • Image: the image to be associated to the product or to the plan, so to make it recognizable;
    • Box Title: usually the product or plan name;
    • Description: a really brief text to specify who is the product/plan good for;
    • Price: how much the product/plan is;
    • Frequency: you can use this field if the price is referred for instance to a monthly or annual subscription;
    • Properties: a list of the product/plan characteristics;
    • Button Text: the text of the button to be displayed in the bottom section of the box which is typically used to proceed with the purchase;
    • Link: the link for the button. Click on and choose the wished action: Select for instance Add to Cart to create a Buy button.  
  • Repeat the steps for the second box by reporting the specific details.   
  • Possibly follow again the procedure for the third and fourth boxes.

2. Define the graphic style

Now that you have reported the contents, you can move on to the pricing table graphic style, so it adapts to the website layout.

  • Open the Style section and choose one of the 6 styles you find.
  • Customize the fonts, size, colors etc with the available options. Use the Preview to see the final effect, so you can reach the wished result.
  • You can work on the box aspect and well as on the single elements: you can for instance select the "Button" element and define its aspect.
  • Click OK when you are happy with the result.

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