WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

In order to make the WebSite X5 Pro database system more easily manageable, starting from version 2021.3.1 the following aspects have been removed:

  • the possibility of associating more than one database to the project;
  • the necessity of reporting the database and the relative table for each function for which the database is necessary.

From now on, the database will be managed in this way:

  • On Step 1 - Settings > Advanced > Data management, you will need to report the parameters to identify one single database associated to the project.
  • So, for the functions for which the database is necessary:
    • the one reported in the Data Management section will be automatically used;
    • it will no longer be necessary to specify the database table, as it will be automatically created and used by the program.


#tip - Because it is possible to add more than one Contact Form Object on the project, for this Object only it will still be possible to report the database table name where data will be stored. 

This new database management system has some effects on the conversion of projects created with previous software versions, namely:

  • If more than one database is associated to the project, you will get a message saying that all the databases in use will be unified, so you need to choose the one you want to keep on using. 
  • All the necessary tables will be duplicated on the only database associated to the project and accordingly renamed. Please don't forget that you won't be losing any data during this as well as other project conversion operations. 
  • The changes applied to the database will be effective only after the first project online export. Because of this, the database connections parameters will still be displayed until the project is uploaded online for the first time.